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The next generation of fundraising is here.

A fully transparent fundraising system for all clubs and charities, the shopper/donor and the participating business.

Every transaction is traceable on line, with all payments paid in Full to your Club/Charity without deduction.

It provides a steady income from your supporters as they go about their everyday shopping.

How it Works

You ask your supporters/members to download our App in favour of your club/charity.

The next time they shop in a business that has our system installed, they will receive loyalty points to the value of 1 cent for every €1 spent.

On average each week we spend €60 or more on non-essential shopping i.e. coffees, meals,hairdressers etc.

This is equal to a supporter/member that has the App in favour of your club donating 60 cents a week. If you multiply this by the number of supporters/ members that you have, it adds up quickly.

500 supporters/members using the App = €15,600 pa.

All loyalty funds raised by your members shopping are paid over to the club in full. No deductions.

The customer can trace all transactions from the shops to the club/charity receiving the money, through their loyalty App account.

You can trace all donations made to your account.

Once you receive your funds, you will be invoiced by L2C Local for processing charges. This will be an agreed set percentage of the funds that your club has received.

The retail business will get a receipt, outlining all the loyalty transactions carried out in their premises.

This system helps businesses fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility and builds customer loyalty in their neighbourhood.

Clubs/charities all around Ireland need funding. Through L2C Local, your members/supporters can donate for free when they shop.

All payments from retailers are tax deductible and the system is Free to them.

There are many more benefits for the retailers beyond supporting the local clubs and charities in their community.

As we are also involved with most of the major charities in Ireland, the system is fully transparent.

Once we have installed our system all over Ireland, a member of your club can support your club/charity when shopping anywhere in the country.

You will soon be enjoying a regular source of income to add into your budgets.

After the initial launch, you must remember to encourage your members/supporters to use their loyalty App when they shop.