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L2C Key Card

L2C Local was developed with the aim of bringing business and customers together to help their community.

Your Community, like every other community, it needs help supporting and improving the facilities for our children and seniors. This may be in the areas of sports clubs, health, schools or community activities. All of these projects need financial support. By choosing your favourites, the next time you shop in a busines that has the L2C local loyalty system installed, they start getting this much needed funding.


You Choose which clubs or community projects you wish to support, and it doesn't cost you anything! You can use a loyalty card, or an app on your phone. The business may add their own rewards scheme as well for you. so now you are getting rewarded along with with your chosen cause.


A Business only survives with the support from its customer. The L2C Local loyalty system allows your business to compete with the multinational for return customers, by having your own unique customer rewards system along with local clubs, schools and community organisations promoting your business on social media, you now have a wider customer base and higher standing in the community.


Moreover, its FREE to install, with no monthly or yearly charges and all loyalty donations you give are Tax Deductable.


If you have any queries with relation to our system, please don't hesitate you call us or message us using the contact form.